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Since 1990, Prajapati Associates have worked with countless reputed companies across India, and have delivered exceptional services to them as a civil interior contractor firm. We deliver Marble Executions while ensuring high-quality work & excellent finishing every time you work with us. 

Currently, we have 250+ skilled workers spread all across the country. And soon, we hope to work on your civil interior project as well. Get in touch with us today and enquire about our marble fitting services. Thank you for taking out time and learning about Prajapati Associates!


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To create spaces which people are proud to live, work and shop in. We go over and beyond to surpass our client expectations and we consistently deliver them marble executions of the highest order. Prajapati Associates are committed to bring-forth sustainable and contemporary building interiors for you.


“At Prajapati Associates, we continue to shoulder the responsibility of making your project a grand success. We thoroughly plan and execute marble interiors for our clients and hand them turn-key solutions every time they work with us. And thanks to this dedicated approach, we retain a high number of our clients while simultaneously building lifelong relationships with them.”


Babulal Prajapati

Since establishing Prajapati Associates back in 1990, Mr Babulal Prajapati has made tremendous strides in interior civil works. He has worked with countless reputed companies in India and have delivered outstanding results to them throughout his tenure with the company. With a precise eye for detail, keen sense of understanding and sheer hard work, he has made a significant impact within the industry. Besides, Mr Prajapati’s work and services have been recognized by many prestigious firms and organisations across the country.

Over the years, Prajapati Associates, spearheaded by Mr. Babulal Prajapati, has emerged as one of the leading civil interior contractors in India with a reliable portfolio of marble executions that give unique and attractive finishes to different surfaces.